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Author of Hello,
My Name Is Ice Cream

This is how we make ice cream at the best restaurants in the world.

Fresh, customizable, gourmet ice cream on demand in 2 minutes. Welcome to turning your kitchen into a five-star ice cream shop!

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Classic Vanilla With Cheesecake Bites

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Classic Vanilla With Candy Bars

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Classic Vanilla With Strawberries

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Classic Vanilla With Crushed Cookies

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Did you know that the size of the ice crystals is what determines the quality and smoothness of your ice cream? Our technology produces ice crystals that are 10x smaller that the regular supermarket brands. Experience the difference for yourself risk free!

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Step One: Pick Your Pod

Frolic offers 8 different base pod options guaranteed to satisfy every dietary and flavor presence

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Easton N.

With Frolic, there is every flavor. That’s why I think you should have a Frolic machine because every day you can make your favorite flavor.

Grace S.

I love ice cream, it’s absolutely my favorite dessert. And now I can literally make it from home because I have this amazing machine. I can make any flavor I want!

Claire W. + Ashton

Frolic is a big part of our home. Cooking and creativity in the kitchen is something we love to do together. We tried to make fresh ice cream once and it was a mess. Frolic has completely changed that for us. We can put any d/cereal from the cabinet in a pod and create anything that you couldn’t get at a supermarket.

Dave A

I have unfortunately been an ice cream expert since I was a very young kid. I have tried it all, and nothing matches the experience and taste of making it fresh just the way I like it on demand. It is a party trick that keeps every dinner party going!

Mikayla Y.

I can’t get enough of Frolic. Not only is the convenience of making ice cream at home AMAZING, but the infinite ways to customize flavors to make it yours. Highly recommend Frolic!! Your taste buds will thank you with every bite.