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Should I make ice cream with pods directly from the freezer or can I pack them in a cooler to enjoy fresh ice cream out of the house?

Pods should be stored in a freezer and put directly from the freezer into the frolic machine for optimal performance.

What is the ideal temperature to keep the pods for the best consistency and taste?

Your freezer should be set at it's lowest temperature, generally - 5 degrees fahrenheit.

Should the blade fall off into the ice cream after the machine has finished its process?

It is possible for the blade to fall into the Ice Cream. There is no need to worry, your machine is not broken.

How often should I clean the blade after making ice cream?

You should clean the blade and wipe down the shaft each time for optimal performance, even if you are making multiple pods in one setting.

How high should I fill the pod with toppings?

You should not fill the pod above the lip of the cup.

Can I change, pause or cancel my membership at anytime?

100%. At anytime. Always and forever, without any hoops to jump through to do so. We’re consumers too and designed the pause, cancel, resume features to be a piece of cake - with ice cream on top. By logging into your account you can skip deliveries, change flavors, add new toppings and more.

What is your return policy?

You will see a badge in various places on our website that says Frolic Guarantee and that’s to reinforce our commitment to your happiness, and for you to experience the most incredible ice cream in the world, made fresh in your home in 2 minutes with no messy cleanup! As long as your Frolic machine is in the same working condition it arrived in, you have 30 days to return it for a full refund… after throwing as many ice cream parties as you want.

Which tastes better chocolate or vanilla?

Ok so there are some questions we refuse to answer.